Advanced H.E.A.T. Only From MegaFLEX Advanced H.E.A.T. Formulations: Only From MegaFLEX!

The entire MegaFLEX product line exclusively features our proprietary Hydrophobic Elastomeric Adhesion Technology (H.E.A.T.). H.E.A.T. is scientifically engineered by combining select acrylic co-polymer resins and is thoroughly tested by independent laboratories and MEGA Industries. H.E.A.T. permeates all MEGA products down to their molecular base — assuring exceptional water resistance, flexibility, adhesion and reflectivity. In short, H.E.A.T. does more to keep you cool and save money.

 And, MEGA’s commitment to quality control, along with continuing investments in research & development and product improvement, ensure H.E.A.T. is always “Cool”.

Hydrophobic Water Barrier: A MegaFLEX roof is a dry roof! MegaFLEX combines high quality acrylic co-polymer resins which form a seamless, hydrophobic barrier between your roof and the wet elements that threaten to destroy it.

Elastomeric Flexibility  MegaFLEX expands and protects! Heat, cold, water and time itself cause every roof to expand and contract — often leaving it vulnerable to cracking, delaminating and decay. MegaFLEX forms a flexible, water resistant membrane that expands and contracts along with your roof surface.

Superior Adhesion: MegaFLEX sticks where you want it! MegaFLEX is formulated and tested to assure superior adhesion to most metal, asphalt built-up, modified bitumen. After proper surface preparation and the application of primer, MegaFLEX sticks where you want it!

  • Can be applied in thick coats without cracking
  • Lightweight system reduces structural stress compared to other roof restoration systems

Solar Reflectivity: MegaFLEX repels heat and UV rays! MegaFLEX reflects up to 85% of the sun's damaging UV rays — reducing solar degradation of the membrane and extending the life of your roof.

  • Protects membrane or metal surfaces from normal weathering
  • Reflectivity reduces heat absorption and "Thermal Shock" — rapid expansion and contraction on your roof caused by sudden changes in temperature
  • Reduces "Heat Aging" by maintaining the roof membrane temperature closer to the outside ambient temperature, thus reducing or eliminating migration of "critical" polymers and oils out of the membrane

Key Benefits of MegaFLEX:

Reduces Energy Costs - Reduces energy use and air conditioning cost from 10% to 50% depending on thermal integrity of the building, roof area and climate, Downsize HVAC Equipment, Less Insulation Reduces peak cooling demand by 10% to 15% which may result in the use of smaller, less expensive HVAC systems. Reduces insulation requirements on new, re-roof and re-cover projects.

Increase Productivity - Increase employee comfort and productivity in non-air conditioned work areas.

Extends Useful Roof Life - Eliminates or delays costly roof recover or replacement by significantly reducing roof surface temperature, “thermal shock,” and loss of critical membrane oils & polymers through “Heat Aging”.

Reduces Urban Heat Island Effect - As more building owners adopt reflective roofs, surrounding outside ambient temperature decreases, resulting in lower overall cooling demand, cooling costs and smog levels.